Airheads HVAC’s Story

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The Beginning

Airheads HVAC was born out of a pure need to find an honest, reliable HVAC company for ourselves. We are Real Estate Investors and could not find an honest reliable HVAC company to help us with all of our real estate investments. After years of going through company after company in the Tampa Bay area I looked at my husband, who has a Masters in Economics from USF, and said you are going to AC school! It was the only option I felt we had left, as HVAC is needed in almost every project we buy. So I packed my husband a lunch and off he went to Marchman Technical School. He learned a lot and having a Master in Economics he really took note to the extremely high margins in the HVAC world. (Stay tuned for more on that)

What usually takes a year took my husband 2 months, completing the Marchman HVAC program in the fastest time ever. He still holds this title today! And off to repairing HVAC systems for our real estate endeavors. The End!

But Wait, there’s more!!!!

Turns out other people were looking for an honest reliable HVAC company too! So every time someone approached my husband and asked him if he could do HVAC work for them, and then he told them a price, they were amazed. Why are you so much cheaper? Because you can be. You don’t have to price gouge people to make a profit. This is what I told you to Stay Tuned for… the mark up is insane. There is plenty of room for profit, as a business has to be profitable, without taking advantage of an unknowing customer that simply wants their air to work again on a hot day. And so Airheads HVAC was born! A fleet of vans and employees later, we are still providing the same Honest, Reliable, and Extremely Affordable High Quality HVAC services to the Tampa Bay area and beyond.